Japan Candy Box Review From allreviewtoday.com

Japan Candy Box Review From allreviewtoday.com

Japan Candy Box Review

Japan Candy Box Review

We all love candies and what will be more exciting than to see a box full of cute and sweet candies? You will surely love Japan Candy Box not only for the cute candies but also because you will certainly get a great and wide selection of sweets and snacks that will be at your hand to last for a few weeks.Japan Candy Box is a newer subscription box from Kawaii Box! Japan Candy Box is filled with hand-picked quirky Japanese sweets and snacks directly to your home every month. The best thing about the Japan Candy Box is that it will be shipped anywhere you are in the world at the end of each month for free which is very advantageous. You can find more information from Japan Candy Box review.


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Japan Candy Box Review



The products

Each box includes 10 delicious, special and fun Japanese candies and snacks.When you subscribe here, it is guaranteed that you will receive a box filled with a hand-picked quirky Japanese candies such as Puccho Watermelon Chewy Candy, Rilakkuma Biscuit Sticks, Yaokin Sour Paper Candy and etc. every month, directly at your doorsteps. Everything is wrapped up really nicely and made the journey here safe and sound. You can discover Japan through seasonal snacks, limited edition Japanese candy and flavors that are not available anywhere else.

Some interesting products:

Puccho Mixed Fruit Chewy Candy: This is like a soft taffy with a juicy gummy inside.

Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels: Cookies and creme seems to be a popular flavor for these Pocky-style snacks. The breadstick is more pretzel-like than the typical shortbread stick.

Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake: The cake is very soft and like a little pancake/hotcake.

Kabaya Fish/Frog Gummies: These peculiar little guys are in the shape of tadpoles, eggs, and fish. Each has a different fruit flavor, and the texture even differs slightly.

Yaokin Sour Paper Candy: Not extremely sour or paper-like, this long strip tastes like a slightly sour cola and has the texture of jelly orange slice.

Koikeya Scorn Wafu BBQ Corn Snacks: These look like a Cheeto without the bright orange color, and they taste like a honey bbq Cheeto. As you eat you get hints of sweetness and hints of pepper, and it is pleasant.

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